Researchers examine the fossilized keg.  The  skull of the Effervescent Man is in the lower right of picture.

Not only was the rock formation confirmed to be a fossilized keg, the remains of human male were discovered.  He appeared to be embracing the ancient beer keg.

Dubbed Effervescent man, the mummified remains are in  remarkable condition.  Research is currently being done to determine the cause of death.


The value of the find was still unknown until Thorgrim Labs X-rayed the keg. It contained small oval parchments thought to be medieval beer coasters and bar towels with inscriptions on them.

Scientists have been begun the painstaking task of pulling the bits of paper apart and reassembling them.

By the end of 1999, 400 oval parchments were reassembled.  Of these, little more than half were legible.

Despite this news, the discovery of Effervescent Man is one of the most significant finds the Clan MacThoy Society has unearthed thus far as little in the primary source material exists. 

Dubbed the Dead Keg Scrolls, they are currently being translated and prepared for public viewing.

Read translations from the Dead Keg Scrolls

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