Sketch of the Thoy Valley


Dunn Burrow's former glory doesn't exist on the surface.  Every tourist driving out to enjoy the recreational facilities have no inkling of the vast history surrounding him.

After the village relocated upstream, the site stood in ruin for sometime.  It became a refuge for squatters and vandals.  Ebervold Flynn's research did further damage when he began working the site in the late 1930s when his dug carelessly down to reach Dun Burrow I. 

Researchers find a MacThoi tombstone in one of the older sections of the Burrow Cemetery.

During Word War II, the Keep was used for munitions storage and several trenches were dug through the main of the site, hopelessly confusing the work.

The remains of the MacThoy Keep and part of the village were lost in a terrific flood when the Thoi River was dammed under the orders of the British Queen in the middle of the 20th Century.

A Description of the Grindstone Site. . .

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