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When a wise person realizes they have made a mistake

The wise person personally apologizes to the injured party.

The wise person does not make a long-winded speech wherein they rationalize the greedy parties actions whose asses they professionally kiss, using the words:

"Terrorist" or "terrorism" over 30 times.

"Freedom" or "Liberty" over 25 times, etcetera.

The wise person gets a fucking thesaurus and looks up some other words that big kids use and uses them well, because the wise person doesn't assume that every one else is a little child who can't see what is going on.

The wise person doesn't get us embroiled in a bullshit war they need to invent rationalizations for two years later, in the first place. (Nor wars that required bullshit rationalizations before they even began).

The wise person pays the people in their military excellent wages, and gives them all the modern safety equipment they need (to fight defensive wars that are absolutely necessary to our countries survival), and doesn't fuck around wasting money on wars when they could spend money on equipping an entire nation with alternative sources of fuel, and the machines that run on them (and world-class education, and universal health-care).


The Reverend O

The wise person helps their nation learn about and have respect for all the interesting religions that people are practicing within their nation (that was founded by people who who were fleeing from religious persecution).

The wise person does not stand by and say nothing when the religious majority claims they are being persecuted when 42 consecutive national leaders have shared the faith of the "persecuted." The wise do not cry "wolf!". Sure sign of desperate predator.

The wise person stands up and leads, even when they fear the folks they lead will critique them negatively. The wise lead in favor of honest compassion (you know, don't kill, don't steal, don't borrow what you can't repay). The wise work hard in favor of peace and understanding.

The wise person does not beg for war at home, nor abroad, and does not rationalize their stupid mistakes.

The wise person does not make a mess they will not be able to PERSONALLY clean up.

The wise person is not afraid, nor do they hesitate, to attend those who need aid, regardless of the actions of their counterparts.

Blessing to you all.

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