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Why to stay in this great nation, at least long enough to finish college.

Anarchy. We all love it, like a new puppy, we soon forget its appeal when having to go out into the world and pay the feckin phone bill, and I have some new thoughts on the subject.


Among the quotes on the link above are some I think are worthy of living by, but was shocked when I recently had to explain some odd things to an 11 year old about being a freak. Dreamboat and I took his little sister to her first rock concert, Foo Fighters and Weezer, ( she fancies herself a "goth-punk"). Ahh, just a little grasshopper....

Thing # 1,

When I was your age there was no store called hot topic where you could go at the mall and buy things to wear that would piss off your parents and teachers. (this surprised her) We had to make it all up on our own. (really?) We had to use creative tools like sewing machines and this thing they now call "vintage boutiques" but in my time was called the "thrift store" where I would get my school clothes. I was not trying to be a freak to begin with, but the clothes they had from days long forgot were just made of nicer fabric and looked nicer on than the crappy 80's pinstriped polyester shit.

#2 I had to deliver "moshing" etiquette with a history lesson. (she is too small, but we could see it from the balcony). It used to be called a "slam pit" where people would slam dance to a thing called "Punk Rock Music" in a counter clockwise direction to symbolize "counter-culture". (very little of this was getting through, I didn't need lessons when I was a young punk, but I appreciated the few tips I gleaned because I was a rebel with a cause beyond fashion, these kids don't give a shit these days, its all a consumptive fashion show to them)

#3 At a bigger show it would become a "mosh" and if you really wanted to be hardcore and get into the pit you would wear clothes that weren't easily ripped from your body (moshing uniform: Jeans, combat boots, sports bra, and wife-beater or t-shirt [not easily ripped off your body while crowd surfing, consider leaving the show missing a shirt, wearing one shoe, in a lacey bra]


The Reverend O

#5 Pink-Sweater-Bitches: The girls who are afraid but go to shows anyway, I told her about stuck- up sorority girls who would go into a pit surrounded by frat boys, it was fun to act all calm around them, until the circle of frat boys let their guard down and the pink sweater bitches could be easily surrounded and all things rectified.

The concert was over before I got to tell any broken- nose-pink-sweater-bitch stories but I think young Elizabeth was partially scared, and put in her place as a normal kid [possible future pink-sweater-bitch] yet intrigued and will possibly stay with us here on the dark side.

But frankly, I do not give a flying shit how this poor young consumer turns out, her prepackaged ways are too far along like the rest of Miami's youth. it is disappointing being in a town where counter-culture consists of crackheads, and nothing else. Homogyny is king.

In summary, this sermon has to do with saying fuck em if they can't take a joke in English without turning it into "Regetone" if they cant take a joke at the shopping mall without franchising it, at the DMV, soon they'll be offering rock and roll-Dracula plates. Homogenization is not rampant, at least there is one real goth kid out there who is getting patsied for a murder in California that still gives us old freaks some hope of not becoming the pedestrian rule. They even wheeled out the old devil worshipping coffin for him on CNN the other night, just like when we were kids!

The words "feaux-hawk" were printed on my most recent hair product purchase. Do our children have to pierce their midsections with a tree trunk to get attention and be considered avante guard in the future? I wonder.

If we did it all, all the reactionary and extremely-extreme shit, for some reason, there would be some social result by now. There was not much of a reason, apparently, and the result is clear. Our generation of piercings and tattoos and moshing is like, voting republican in droves, or our political system is so corrupt it has overtaken us. All the more reason to either "smash the state", or get a fucking great education and then leave the country.

Blessing to you all.

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