To this day, the expression "Burning the candle at both ends" has added significance to Clan MacThoy."

St Brigid's
Chili Feed

Every February, Clan MacThoy gathers to welcome the coming of spring with an intense ritual of consumption and purgation, the St Brigid's Chili Feed.


The Widow Dirty Doris welcomes Melusina and Chester at the 2000 Chili Feed.

Brigid, a Celtic embodiment of Inspiration, Smithy and the Healing Arts, is also renowned for fire, water and grain and is a key icon in the MacThoy culture.  She also encouraged a clean house, a big fire and a sorrow-free couch.

Chili also has a unique history.  19th century priest were concerned with chili peppers' aphrodisiac powers and warned their flocks away from the "Devil's Soup."

Along with the traditional events associated with this day, the Clan also ushers in new members and begins preliminary prep for the May Revel.
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